High Yield Investments

Elsinore Fund I is a debt free real estate investment fund, owning its properties "free and clear", eliminating the risk of foreclosure on the properties by a financial institution or mortgage holder in the event of a financial downturn. Investors in this fund are not subordinate to any mortgage or financing debt. There are no upfront fees, commissions or annual costs (no load) for investors. 100% of your money goes into the investment.

Elsinore Fund I provides accredited investors access to real estate asset class investments with fixed annual returns. Our CEO along with our management team have an extensive 30 year track record of real estate investment and development, including purchasing and re-selling more than 5,000 single family properties, with nearly $900,000,000 in sales volume.

Investment opportunities with our funds vary, with fixed annual returns starting at a 8% annual interest rate and higher, terms from 6 to 24 months and investment minimums starting at $25,000 up to $5,000,000.  Self-Directed IRA investments are accepted. Call (702) 477-7575 (PST) or email us for additional information.